What You Need To Know About The Expert Determination Method


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is an important one that all medical professionals are aware of and required to follow. A big part of HIPAA is about maintaining the privacy of all individuals who receive healthcare from professionals. The HIPAA privacy rule, as you are probably well aware, requires that professionals "de-identify" health care related information, which simply means to remove identifying information from it and make it so that it is no longer consider protected health information under HIPAA regulations.

12 January 2017

Are You Making These Common Lock And Key Mistakes?


There are a number of people who do not realize that they are putting themselves at risk for theft and burglaries each day. Perhaps you have a busy life and have not taken the time to think about the ways that you are making yourself vulnerable to a break-in. You may even have a false sense of security if you live in a certain area or neighborhood. The following are a few situations that people overlook, and these situations can negatively impact home security.

11 January 2017

Workers Compensation Surveillance Covers Various Angles


Contractors who put new roofs on people's houses rely on honest and hardworking assistants to get the job done right. A "job done right" has to be a smooth, problem-free one that doesn't cut into the bottom line of the contractor's business. Accidents can and do occur. This is why the law in the vast majority of states requires contractors to carry workers' compensation insurance. The insurance protects the worker, employee, and client in many ways.

10 January 2017

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Your Home Alarm Sounds In The Middle Of The Night


It's a jarring experience to be woken up in the middle of the night with your home alarm ringing. As much as it might be a challenge to remain calm, especially if you were sleeping deeply, you should try to gather your composure so that you can take the appropriate next steps. Being calm is critical to helping you avoid making some of the mistakes that some people make upon being startled by their home alarm.

29 December 2016

3 Ways To Stay Safe While Traveling On Public Transportation At Night


Do you have to take public transportation at night? You may have to work at night and do not have a license or a vehicle of your own. Although you need to get to work, there is a chance you often feel nervous and scared about traveling on public transportation at night, especially if you have to walk a few blocks to get to your job after getting off the bus or train.

27 December 2016

Tips For Minimizing Jewelry Store Theft


As a jewelry retailer, you understand that it's not unheard of for a retailer to have millions of dollars of inventory on hand at any time. While security is always important, if your store happens to fall within this category, proper security becomes a vital part of your operation. Here are just some of the things you can do to boost your security efforts. Choose A Complicated Layout The layout of your showcases should never allow someone a straight path from the back of the store to the front door.

18 December 2016

Management Must Work With Employee Input To Establish An Effective Program Against Workplace Violence


Top management leadership in the prevention of workplace violence is the key to establishing an effective program against this disease. Management must institute full support for this program by combining the involvement of workers. Worker involvement is a critical force in achieving success, and that begins with holding regular team meetings. You have to recognize that workplace violence is a safety and hazard issue, and you must work jointly with employees to eradicate this deviant behavior from the workplace.

16 December 2016