Five Advantages of Mobile Security Patrol for Commercial Premises


Visible human security guards are a vital component of a commercial security setup. While technology has taken over many roles in surveillance and monitoring, security guards still play a vital role in integrated security management. A mobile security patrol on commercial premises plays a primary role in security but also plays a secondary role in customer service while interacting with visitors to your premises. What are the advantages of having security patrols on your premises?

1. Swift Alarm Response 

Immediately if a crime occurs or an alarm is raised, security guards can respond swiftly. A security patrol guard is usually the first responder on the premises when an alarm goes off. They assess the situation and craft a response on the spot. If there is a need for a more enhanced response, they escalate the threat to law enforcement officers. 

2. Proactive and Real-time Threat Identification 

A mobile Security patrol can identify threats in real-time. They can use rational thinking to read human behavior and anticipate threats. For example, if someone is loitering in the customer lobby, a security guard can question their intent while observing their verbal and non-verbal responses. They can tell between a genuinely bewildered customer and a would-be pickpocket. 

3. Enhanced Surveillance 

A security guard on patrol can cover more radius than an officer inside a control room monitoring cameras. A security guard can provide 360 degrees of surveillance from their patrol route. Thanks to human intuition, a security patrol guard can connect the dots quickly and realize a threat. 

For example, if a car is parked and people come out in full masks, it is likely the beginning of a robbery. The guard can raise the alarm quickly for a more capable response. 

4. Complementary Customer Service 

Security guards on patrols can do a lot more than just monitor cameras and respond to alarms. They can interact with customers and visitors, building rapport and providing a better customer service experience to your visitors, especially during peak times. Also, people are accustomed to seeing security guards, so seeing unformed security patrols on-site gives them confidence. 

5. Coordination in Emergency Response 

A security patrol guard can enable a more capable emergency response in a disaster like a fire. For example, they can direct emergency responders via radio because they are more familiar with the layout of the premises, enabling firefighters better coordination and movement.

Are you concerned about the security situation on your commercial premises? Talk to a security service provider about deploying a security patrol team on the premises for a more robust security setup. 


13 January 2022

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