Own A Hotel? Two Reasons To Get Panic Button Alarms For Your Hospitality Staff


Over the years, hotels have become mainstays in many cities across the country. Weary travelers are able to rest after long days on the road and if a nearby citizen wants to take a break they can check into their favorite spot and enjoy some local relaxation. If you own a hotel there are probably a number of safety protocols in place. Fire detectors are a must, carbon monoxide sensors can be critical, and installing locks and alarms on your doors are very important security features. However, have you given any thought to the safety of your hospitality staff? If not, check out why you should consider arming the entire team with panic button alarms.

Panic Alarm Buttons Reduce Stress

Working as a hospitality employee in a hotel can be a very stressful job. Not only do you have to deal with sometimes unsavory materials there is also always the possibility that you'll encounter someone in a room that makes you feel unsafe. If you've already shut the door or are in the deep recesses of the bathroom, you might not realize you're in danger until you have already been accosted. Just the thought of being in an enclosed space with a person who wants to harm you can push stress and anxiety levels to their limits.

Panic alarm buttons are absolutely essential products that no hospitality worker should be without. With the simple touch of a button, an invisible sensor will be sent out so that you, as the owner, will instantly know where the person is located in the building. This gives you time to send up a security agent to help and hopefully avoid a potentially tragic situation.

Protect Your Brand With Panic Alarm Buttons

While the primary purpose of panic alarm buttons is to protect your crew, they also protect you as well. If a worker in your hotel is injured at the hands of another, the news could harm your brand. This has so many consequences that you definitely don't want to face. A nasty lawsuit could come out of the ordeal and once the public gets word of the incident, they may not think it's safe to stay at your hotel. Better to get the buttons now so you won't have to deal with a huge hassle later.

Get your panic alarm button system set up and show the team how it works. They'll likely be extremely glad that you did!

To learn more information about panic button alarms for hospitality staff, reach out to a professional near you.


30 November 2021

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