Why Armed Security Guards Often Use Mobile Trailers To Protect Events


Some events are more vulnerable than others, and it might become necessary to hire armed security to protect an event. Armed security professionals will often arrive in a trailer because this will provide the armed security with the flexibility and technology necessary to handle an event properly.

Events Don't Always Occur at Fixed Locations

Without the use of a trailer, armed security professionals might not have the flexibility necessary to respond to incidents. For example, an event might begin at an outdoor location and may later be moved to an indoor location. The security personnel will need to gather together their equipment and respond and adapt to any problems that arise. 

A trailer is much more practical and cost-effective than a permanent location. An angry crowd might form unexpectedly, and a trailer can be put in place to protect event attendees. At the very least, you will want a visible security trailer that will make your attendees feel safe even if no actual threat arises.

Easier Surveillance

Surveillance cameras can be moved to a location where they are needed. If you are concerned about your event being provided with enough security, the security trailer will allow you to view the event through a camera so you can feel more like you're in control and make decisions quickly about how to manage your event.

A trailer can come with special surveillance equipment such as multi-spectral imaging so you can examine areas that are hard to see. For example, you can identify problems in an area that has poor illumination. Thermal cameras are especially useful when detecting fires. 

You should be able to achieve a bird-eye view of the event even if the trailer is on the ground. This is achieved by using a mount and can also be achieved with the use of surveillance drones. With a very high mount or with a drone, you won't have to worry about the cameras being tampered with.

Armed Security

Oftentimes, armed security guards are retired military or police officers who are trained on how to appropriately use force in response to a threat. With a mobile unit, they will be able to swiftly take action to protect your event at any time.

With a trailer, you won't have to worry about the power being disrupted because they will be able to use the mobile station to generate their own power and continue to protect you.


7 July 2021

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