3 Reasons To Invest In A Security Screen Door For Your Home


How do you balance between security and curb appeal in your home? While traditional screen doors look good, they are flimsy structures, and are easily broken down. Conventional security doors are too forbidding. A security screen door offers a good compromise. Security screen doors combine the best of the two aspects. They are made of stainless steel mesh, non-removable hinges, and jimmy-proof edges. Here are several reasons you should invest in a security screen door:

Heightened Home Security 

Security screen doors are made to resist forced entry. The stainless steel mesh of a security screen offers robust resistance against blunt objects like a crowbar. You can kick the door down or go through with a portable battering ram. They have non-removable and hidden  hinges, and the edges are 'jimmy-proofed.'

A security screen door also plays a deterrence role because many petty criminals these days recognize this door. They will not bother putting in the effort. It can also give you precious time to call law enforcement when you face a more determined criminal.

Good Curb Appeal 

Today's security screen door is stylish and will fit into any architectural design. You can have the door in a custom size for the perfect fit. Decorative security screen doors come with eye-catching patterns and motifs.

People coming up to the door or walking past will be visually attracted to a security screen door. The tinted surface makes it impossible for people to see the inside, but you get good views from the inside. The screen lets in maximum natural light, making these doors good for the back entry if you have a living room facing the pool. 

The improved curb appeal boosts your home's value. If you plan on reselling your home, your potential buyers will notice this investment.

Better Energy Efficiency 

In the summer, a security screen door helps keep the heat out by blocking the harsh glare of sunlight. The mesh improves the ventilation as it allows for better air circulation. You have an added advantage because the screen keeps out pesky insects like mosquitoes and other flying bugs. You can reduce the reliance on the AC and lower your energy bill.  

Better ventilation goes a long way to keep the indoor air quality healthy. It also reduces the risk of mold and mildew infestation, which jeopardizes your family's health. 

Are you looking to tighten your home security? Talk to a security equipment installer about a security screen door for your home. 


17 September 2021

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