6 Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Fire Origin And Cause Investigations


A fire origin and cause investigation may be an essential step in recovering from a fire on your property. Unfortunately, some property owners make assumptions that they shouldn't about these investigations.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume when it comes to fire origin and cause investigations. 

It will be impossible to determine the origin and cause of the fire in question.

Companies providing fire origin and cause investigation services can discover information about why a fire occurred even if it seems like there won't be many clues to go on or that any evidence was destroyed. Don't pessimistically assume that an investigation into a fire on your property won't yield any insights or conclusions. 

It will cost too much to have a fire origin and cause investigation done.

Be sure to do your research before assuming that it will be too expensive to have a fire origin and cause investigation done. These investigations might not be as expensive as you think.

Investing in such an investigation could save you money over the long run if it results in your acquiring compensation for the property damages that you've experienced. 

Identifying the origin and cause of a fire won't really change anything.

Finding out why a fire started can make a big difference. Identifying a negligent party can help you to file a lawsuit that will allow you to pursue financial damages after a fire occurs on your property. Determining the cause of a fire can also help you to ensure that your property insurance claim will be honored. 

The fire in question was just an accident and not the result of negligence.

Hiring a fire origin and cause investigation service can be a good idea even if you have no reason to believe that a fire was caused by negligence. You cannot be completely sure of what caused a fire until you have an investigation done. 

A fire on your property may turn out to have been caused by negligence or arson even if there are no apparent reasons to believe so initially.

Only law enforcement agencies can carry out fire origin and cause investigations.

Fire origin and cause investigations that are carried out privately can turn up valuable information. The results could potentially be used in a court of law as evidence in a civil lawsuit or a criminal trial.

It's important that you don't give up on an investigation simply because the law enforcement agency that's in charge in your area refuses to pursue an investigation. 

You don't have to worry about a fire happening again on the property in question.

If a fire has occurred on your property, it's important to find the cause to prevent future fires. You need to identify and fix any fire hazards on your property to minimize the chances that a fire will cause safety risks and damage again in the future. Contact a fire origin and cause investigation service for assistance or for more info.  


2 May 2023

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