Have A Fire Sprinkler System Installed For Your Business? Make Sure You Get It Inspected


Having a fire sprinkler system installed is beneficial for you and your employees, and it also keeps things inside your building safe. You do need to make sure you keep the fire sprinkler system inspected to ensure it will work if you do have a fire. Below is information on what happens during the inspection so you will know what to expect. 

Test Control Valve

The contractor will first test the control valve. This is an important part of the fire sprinkler system as this is what transmits the signal that there is a fire or smoke in the room. The signal is sent to a fire alarm control panel that is installed somewhere in your building. This control panel then activates the sprinkler system. All of this happens very quickly if you have a fire or a lot of smoke inside your building. 

More than one technician will test the control valve as one has to be at the valve and the other must be at the control panel. One technician will close a valve to see if the control panel shows the valve is closed and then open the control valve to ensure the panel shows it is open. 

Inspect Gauge Readings

The contractor will then read the gauge in the fire sprinkler system. The gauge ensures the water pressure is correct, so enough water is sprayed out of the sprinkler system. If the gauge reading is not correct the contract can check the water pressure by opening the main drain for the sprinkler system. This shows them the water pressure. If the water pressure is too low, there may be something blocking it which will have to be repaired.

The contractor then finds the inspector test which is generally near the fire sprinkler system. This inspector test will also activate the sprinkler system and send the signal to the control panel. It must do this in a certain amount of time, such as in seconds, to ensure the sprinklers go off fast enough to take care of a fire in the room. 

While the inspection contractor is there, they can maintain the fire sprinkler system. This includes lubricating valves, making repairs, if needed, or replacing older equipment. The contractor will tell you how often you should have your fire sprinkler system inspected, which may be weekly or once a month. There also may be laws in the state you live in on how often this inspection must be done.

For more information on sprinkler inspections, contact a professional near you.


18 August 2022

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