Scenarios In Which You Should Lend A Hand To A Security Guard


When you're out in public, you may often encounter a security guard who is working hard to keep you and those around you safe. Although you might not find any reason to engage with this professional, there are times in which you should offer to lend a hand. While you should never barge into a security guard's business and assume that he or she wishes you to provide assistance, you may calmly approach the guard, quickly assess the situation, and see if your involvement might be appreciated. Here are some scenarios in which the guard would likely appreciate your help.

The Guard Is Managing A Medical Emergency

Although people often see security guards as tasked with keeping people safe, these personnel are often the first to respond when someone is facing a medical emergency. Even if other emergency responders are on the way, it may be several minutes before they arrive on the scene — and the guard may have his or her hands full tending to the person. If you have formal medical training, for example, you're certified in CPR, you can approach the guard, quickly provide your credentials, and offer your assistance. Remember that the guard is the senior person on the scene, so follow his or her directives instead of taking over.

The Guard Appears To Be Losing A Physical Confrontation

You may occasionally see security guards detaining suspects in shopping malls or other retail locations. In some cases, the suspect will physically resist the guard, and the guard may appear to be at risk of being physically overwhelmed or harmed. If you're confident in your own physical abilities — for example, if you wrestled in college or practice martial arts — you should consider asking the guard if you can help. Look for non-verbal cues if the guard is out of breath or otherwise having trouble speaking. You can then assist in subduing the suspect until additional guards arrive.

The Guard Needs Assistance In Another Way

You may occasionally find other situations in which the security guard appears to need assistance. You can then ask if you can help out. For example, if someone has slipped and fallen on icy stairs outside a retail area and the guard is administering care to the person on the ground, you may wish to ask if you can stand at the top of the stairs and warn people of the adverse conditions. Remember to always follow the guard's directives so that you can be an asset instead of a hindrance.

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20 January 2017

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