Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Security Guard System


Owning and operating a small business comes with many unique challenges. Finding affordable ways to protect your products and property from damage is critical when it comes to guarding against significant financial loss. If you rely on security guards to provide around-the-clock protection for your business assets, it's important that you ensure these security guards aren't becoming a source of wasted revenue.

Here are three simple things that you can do to increase the effectiveness of your company's security guard system in the future.

1. Make sure that your security cameras offer remote access.

Your security guards need to know that they are accountable to you for their actions. Only a security guard who is alert and performing his or her job-related tasks with complete discipline can provide the level of protection your company needs on a daily basis.

Since you can't be on the premises at all times, you should ensure that you are able to check up on your security staff via the cameras that are installed throughout your company's building. When your security cameras offer remote access to a live video feed, you can use your cell phone or tablet to make sure your security staff aren't wasting time and resources no matter where you may be located.

2. Improve the training provided to your security staff.

The risks that a security guard must be vigilant in identifying are varied and complex. Criminals are constantly coming up with inventive ways to cheat the system, so your security staff needs to have ongoing training to ensure they are able to spot nefarious activity before it has a change to cost your company money.

If you contract with a third-party provider for your security services, ask about the training they provide. If you don't feel the training is adequate, partner with a new provider to protect your company. If you employ your own security staff, ensure that you are bringing in security experts to provide ongoing training so that your security guards are prepared to face any threat to your company's well-being.

3. Conduct thorough background checks on each guard.

Hiring the wrong security guard could create a weak link in your company's protective armor. To ensure that each guard who provides security services on your company's property is qualified for the job, you need to conduct thorough background checks. Ask your third-party provider about the background checks they complete when hiring their guards to ensure the process is thorough.

If you are doing your own hiring, be sure that you conduct a personal and criminal background check. A guard with a lot of debt may be more easily talked into working with criminals to stage a heist, so it's best to avoid anyone with personal or criminal problems in their past.

Improving the effectiveness of your security guard system is a simple way to ensure your company's assets remain safe and sound in the future. For more information, talk to a professional like Veteran Security Services.


20 January 2017

Protecting Your Business Establishment

If you own a business, you likely want to do everything in your power to protect your investment. You can increase your odds of accomplishing this important task by installing a security system on your business property. In addition to investing in a state-of-the-art security system, you might also wish to hire one or more security guards to keep an eye on your property. Investing in security options like these can make both you and your customers feel safer. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular techniques business owners utilize to prevent burglaries from occurring at their establishments. Enjoy!