Security Cameras for Your Home Are a Smart Investment, but You Can't Put Them Everywhere


In terms of protecting your home, its contents, and your family, security cameras are one of the best investments you can make. Outside your home, security cameras can scare away would-be intruders and prevent you from being a victim. Inside your home, they can capture high-definition footage of any intruders that can help the authorities make arrests and track down your stolen items. Indoor security cameras are valuable in a wide range of areas, but you shouldn't put them in every room because of privacy concerns. Here are some rooms to avoid when you set up your cameras.


The members of your family should expect a high degree of privacy in their bedrooms. No one wants to feel as though he or she is being watched while changing, and while you may be thinking about security cameras in the bedrooms of your home to catch any intruders who may steal from these rooms, this is a poor idea. Keep in mind, too, that any overnight guests to your home, whether it's a family member or a friend or your teenager's, would feel that his or her privacy was completely invaded upon realizing that there was a security camera in the room.


Bathrooms are another area in your home in which people expect complete privacy. Whether they're bathing, using the toilet, or doing anything else, this is a room that should give residents and guests their own private space. You may be concerned that an intruder would visit a bathroom to steal medication, and while this may indeed be true, a camera placed elsewhere in the home would be likely to capture the suspect without compromising the privacy of your family members and guests.

Computer Room

If you have teenagers, they'll often spend a considerable amount of time in the house's computer room. Given the value of the computer and its related accessories, you may feel that a security camera would be ideal in this space to capture footage in the event of a theft. However, your teens may feel as though you're using the camera to spy on their activities. Teenagers love their privacy, and teens who are online chatting with friends or using a webcam to connect with online friends, for example, don't want to feel as though their parent is monitoring their conversations. As with the above scenarios, it's better to rely on security cameras elsewhere in the home.

Talk to a residential security company for tips on the best places to set up cameras in your home for optimal security.


19 January 2017

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