Reasons To Take Martial Arts If You Work As A Security Guard Agency


When you suit up as a security guard, regardless of the location of your assignment, you'll be tasked with protecting those around you. This isn't a role that you should take lightly, and your security guard training will ensure that you're ready for the responsibility. Beyond the job-specific training that you've received, it's useful to improve your ability to soundly perform your role by studying martial arts. The exact martial art you pursue isn't important, and you may wish to study multiple disciplines. Here are some reasons to enrol in martial arts if you work as a security guard for a company like A P I Security.

Confidence With Physical Confrontations

Ideally, you won't have to get into frequent physical confrontations in your capacity as a security guard — but you want to be ready if such a moment ever occurs. Physical confrontations can happen quickly, and you can't be intimidated; remember, other people around you are depending on you for their safety. Taking martial arts can make you comfortable and familiar with physical conduct. Striking, grappling, and other drills will be part of your regular workout routine, which means that if a security-related encounter gets physical, you'll know how to handle yourself.

Understanding Of Submissions

It's useful to follow a martial art that emphasizes submissions; doing so will help you excel in your job as a security guard. Given that you may be unarmed, you may find yourself needing to use physical force to subdue and detain someone who has broken the law. Without training, you may end up harming the person — for example, you could attempt to hold the person around the neck and end up strangling him or her during the struggle. The right training will allow you to control your suspect without hurting him or her. For example, you could hold the person's arm in such a position that applying pressure would cause pain but not actually apply this pressure.

Familiarity With Being Hit

Beyond handling yourself physically, martial arts training will also get you accustomed to being hit. The average person isn't used to being hit, which means that if someone were to strike you in the head or face, you may let the person escape in your shock. In martial arts sparring, you'll get hit a lot — and this means that you won't be fazed by a glancing or direct blow. Instead, you'll be able to maintain your focus and get the situation under control quickly.


19 January 2017

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