Are You Making These Common Lock And Key Mistakes?


There are a number of people who do not realize that they are putting themselves at risk for theft and burglaries each day. Perhaps you have a busy life and have not taken the time to think about the ways that you are making yourself vulnerable to a break-in. You may even have a false sense of security if you live in a certain area or neighborhood. The following are a few situations that people overlook, and these situations can negatively impact home security. 

Giving multiple keys to children.

No one wants to imagine their children being locked out of the home. This is why some parents give their children multiple keys. It is wise to give your children a key to one perimeter door rather than to all doors. This is because if they lose one key, you only have to worry about replacing or re-keying one lock versus two or more. You may also want to consider exploring technology such as smart locks, which will enable you to open the doors for your children from your smartphone.

Allowing too many business contacts to use spare keys.

Perhaps you have had several contractors visit your home over the past few months. You may have entrusted them to use spare keys so that you did not have to remain on your property. Think about what could happen if one of those contractors or their staff made a copy of your key. Even if they gave you back the key, a duplicate might have been made. Re-keying your locks routinely is a good idea if you issue spare keys out routinely to contractors. 

Not changing the locks when you move into a new place.

When people move into a new home or apartment, the excitement can cause them to overlook critical safety matters. If you are renting, your landlord may tell you that they changed the locks. It is best to kindly request a lock change in your presence. This assures you that prior tenants cannot come back and rummage through your belongings when you are not home. If you think that moving into a home you will own protects you, you are wrong. This is because some homes are sold with builder-grade locks, which are easy for thieves to pick. If the home was previously lived in, the locks may have been changed, which means other people may have keys. A rekey or lock upgrade can protect you. 

A locksmith is a good resource to use to determine other ways you may be making yourself a potential target for a break-in. They can inspect your home and the quality of your locks, which can help them recommend the best upgrades. Some locksmiths also install home security systems, which can offer an additional level of protection. For more information, contact a locksmith service like Georges Lock & Security Service.


11 January 2017

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