Workers Compensation Surveillance Covers Various Angles


Contractors who put new roofs on people's houses rely on honest and hardworking assistants to get the job done right. A "job done right" has to be a smooth, problem-free one that doesn't cut into the bottom line of the contractor's business. Accidents can and do occur. This is why the law in the vast majority of states requires contractors to carry workers' compensation insurance. The insurance protects the worker, employee, and client in many ways. Contractors who end up with several workers' compensation claims filed against them might see significant premium increases. The increases would be extremely unfair if the person filing the claim is not being totally honest about the injury. Broad workers' compensation surveillance may be able to disprove dubious claims by checking every angle for possible fraud.

The Absence of Video

The classic concept of parking a truck in front of a person's home and video recording activities around the home is still a good way to spot dubious claims. How can a person with a back injury be outside fixing his or her own home for several days but cannot do the same tasks on the job? Yet video surveillance or other photographic evidence alone might not be anywhere near sufficient to cast doubt on a claim. The total absence of visual proof of potentially dishonest activities doesn't help the cause of casting doubt either. A professional investigation team may be able to uncover additional evidence that may cast more than a few suspicions.

The Revealing Social Media Comment

People love to talk on social media. They sometimes talk a bit more than they should. Even minor, errant comments could come back to haunt someone making an exaggerated workers' compensation claim. A casual mention in social media about being sore after renovating the basement could surely be used as evidence in court. The person making the statement is admitting to performing manual labor. A professional investigation team is sure to go over all the individual's social media commentary and look for quips revealing the performance of physical activities. In court, the evidence may be introduced and questioning occurs. This is one example of an angle an investigator may wisely explore.

The Uninsured Helper

General contractors who try and skirt the law by sending uninsured workers out to jobs really should think twice about such behavior. In addition to not having coverage against legitimate claims, no insurance company is available to send investigators to check out spurious claims. Properly paying worker's compensation insurance sets up a safety net. Never run a business without such protections.

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10 January 2017

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