Avoid Making These Mistakes When Your Home Alarm Sounds In The Middle Of The Night


It's a jarring experience to be woken up in the middle of the night with your home alarm ringing. As much as it might be a challenge to remain calm, especially if you were sleeping deeply, you should try to gather your composure so that you can take the appropriate next steps. Being calm is critical to helping you avoid making some of the mistakes that some people make upon being startled by their home alarm. Here are some such actions that you shouldn't do.

Don't Shut It Off And Go Back To Sleep

It may be tempting to reach for your smartphone on the bedside table, load your home security system app, and shut off the alarm. You might be tempted to take this approach if you've had false alarms in the past or if you're tired and don't want your sleep disrupted. This is a poor response, though. If there is actually an intruder in your home, going back to sleep could make you a victim of a robbery or even an assault. It's important not to ignore the alarm and to make sure that you determine the house is secure before you put your head back on the pillow.

Don't Run Outside

In your panic of wondering what has caused your home alarm to go off, you might be tempted to throw on a jacket and some shoes and run outside. You may rationalize that this is a good idea because it will allow you to check the perimeter of your home and see if any windows have been broken or if any doors have been forced open. Leaving the security of your home, especially in a panicked state, is a bad idea. If an intruder set off the alarm by trying to force open a window, he or she could still be in your yard — and you may put yourself at risk by going outside.

Don't Tell Your Security Company It Was A False Alarm

In many cases, you'll receive a phone call from your security company shortly after your alarm has sounded. An agent will want to know that you're safe, but you may tell him or her that it's a probable false alarm if this has happened in the past. You shouldn't make this claim unless you're 100 percent certain. Instead, it's better to say that you don't know the reason for the alarm and ask the rep to stay on the phone with you while you investigate.


29 December 2016

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