Tips For Minimizing Jewelry Store Theft


As a jewelry retailer, you understand that it's not unheard of for a retailer to have millions of dollars of inventory on hand at any time. While security is always important, if your store happens to fall within this category, proper security becomes a vital part of your operation. Here are just some of the things you can do to boost your security efforts.

Choose A Complicated Layout

The layout of your showcases should never allow someone a straight path from the back of the store to the front door. An example of this is a layout where the showcases are lined up near the walls on each side, with a wide-open middle area. Instead, you should be making it more complicated to move about the store by arranging the showcases in a maze-like design. In the event a theft, this makes it more challenging for them to get out of the store undetected.

Rely On Armored Transportation

Always rely on armored car service when you have collection pieces that are being moved around. Jewelry thieves are generally far more calculated than your average intruder. These people may spend months casing a location, learning practices and simply waiting in the shadows for the right opportunity to act. Whether transporting the pieces for a private showing or a charitable auction, doing so unprotected creates the perfect opportunity. Armored transportation offers high-level protection.

Establish A High-Value Procedure

Establish a specific procedure for showing high-value pieces. You may generally allow your customers to view multiple pieces at a time. However, for more expensive pieces, implement a one-piece rule and require that customer IDs be presented and locked in a box before you take the pieces out the showcase. If you're dealing with an actual shopper, they probably won't have an issue with this; however, a thief will be far less likely to oblige and will likely look elsewhere.

Perform Daily Inventories

Every burglar doesn't come in the form of a customer. In-house theft is an unfortunate, but common issue. However, performing daily inventories can help alert you of an in-house problem more readily than something like weekly inventory. In the event a piece is missing, you can focus your efforts on the team that worked in the store on a specific day, rather than having to sort through a larger pool of employees.

Security is a concept that should always be evolving based on your needs. Always look for ways to improve your store security.


18 December 2016

Protecting Your Business Establishment

If you own a business, you likely want to do everything in your power to protect your investment. You can increase your odds of accomplishing this important task by installing a security system on your business property. In addition to investing in a state-of-the-art security system, you might also wish to hire one or more security guards to keep an eye on your property. Investing in security options like these can make both you and your customers feel safer. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular techniques business owners utilize to prevent burglaries from occurring at their establishments. Enjoy!