Management Must Work With Employee Input To Establish An Effective Program Against Workplace Violence


Top management leadership in the prevention of workplace violence is the key to establishing an effective program against this disease. Management must institute full support for this program by combining the involvement of workers. Worker involvement is a critical force in achieving success, and that begins with holding regular team meetings. You have to recognize that workplace violence is a safety and hazard issue, and you must work jointly with employees to eradicate this deviant behavior from the workplace. 

Zero-Tolerance Policy And Management Procedures

Show employees at the outset of your program that your company is establishing a zero-tolerance policy toward this dangerous trend of workplace violence against employees or by employees. Design a handbook that addresses this issue. The handbook should outline your company's standard operating procedures about this socially deviant behavior.

Nip this problem right in the bud by letting supervisors and workers know that any claim of workplace violence will be thoroughly investigated. Prompt punishment should be admonished once an individual is proven guilty of committing an act of violence in the workplace. Keep promoting your company's violence-free expectation through feedback, and practice total quality management.

Practice Total Quality Management

Be open to accepting employee feedback. Liken your employees' feedback to the process of total quality management (TQM). Use the science of total quality management that encourages input of information and suggestions offered by workers from various organizational levels. Differing employee input brings valuable and rich experiences to discussions. Their contribution can stimulate your bold and innovative mission statement against workplace violence. Recognize the importance of mental health specialists in identifying characteristics of workplace violence.

Mental Health Specialists

Characterizing the concepts of workplace violence is best addressed by trained and licensed mental health specialists. Even so, mental health specialists can benefit from the training that threat assessment professionals bring to the table in this very unique and socially aberrant workplace-violence issue.

Threat assessment resources from emergency department professionals or other workers who offer care to the public can help mental health specialists. Both professionals, working jointly, can enhance your company's workplace-violence behavior committee decisions. There is a wide array of viewpoints that these professionals offer when they're involved in your mission statement and procedures.

Continuous Quality Improvement And Observe OSHA Directive

Use the virtue of continuous quality improvement (CQI), which is an offshoot of total quality improvement. The science of CQI recommends that you continuously monitor discussions and assessments of your violence-free practices. Do that in order to further your organization's goal to stamp out any evidence of workplace violence in your company. Your goal should be to continuously improve security and safety in your workplace. Adopt the directive of OSHA on the matter of providing a healthy and safe environment for all employees. Include this passage in your handbook, and be aware that your company could face a citation for not adhering to OSHA's directive. 

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16 December 2016

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