Is Calling For Lockout Service Necessary?


Regardless of how careful you are, you could still lock your keys in the car. When this happens, you can choose to call in a professional locksmith to free your keys or attempt to do it yourself. If you are on the fence about which is the best option for you, here are some things to consider.

Can You Unlock It?

Cars are designed to keep unauthorized users out. Unless you have experience breaking into a car, getting into your own car can be challenging. Fortunately for you, it is possible though.

If you have a post lock, then you might be able to open it with the help of a slip knot or coat hanger. A post lock is one that is pulled up to unlock it. Tie a slip knot in a shoestring or string and slide the string between the door and the frame. If you are able to get the string around the lock, you should be able to pull it up to open the car.

You can also manipulate a coat hanger to slide down into the car and unlock the door. Instead of making a knot with the hanger, you need to straighten it out and bend it into a v-shape. Use the hook to snag the lock.

If your door's lock slides or pushes, you will need a straight coat hanger that you can slide into the car. Once it is inside, you will need to exert enough force on the power button to open the door. Due to your positioning, it will be difficult to see the button, so you will need assistance.

Should You Call for Help?

Unlocking a car by yourself can take a considerable amount of time and patience. Even if you have the time to spare, calling a professional might still be the best option.

When you attempt to open the door yourself, it is possible to damage it. The weatherstripping could be damaged and if you snag the coat hanger on another part without realizing it, you could cause damage.

A locksmith has tools which he or she can use to quickly get into the car without causing damage. If the locks need to be changed, the locksmith can do it for you on the spot.

Ultimately, the decision to call a locksmith or try to work on the door yourself is up to you. However, take some time to determine whether or not you have the time and patience for attempting to open it. Contact a company like A-AAA Locksmiths, LLC for more information.


10 August 2016

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