Vital Tips For Installing And Using Surveillance Cameras In The Workplace


If you are attempting to increase the security in your commercial or retail building, surveillance cameras are a great addition. You can monitor them around-the-clock or look back on them if there is a break-in and you are trying to identify the individual. Here are some tips to follow when using surveillance systems in the workplace.

Know Where to Place Them

An important thing to keep in mind when using surveillance cameras in the workplace is knowing where they should be placed. You want the cameras to be able to capture potential break-ins, shoplifters, or thefts as they occur, at the very least, be able to identify them after the fact. Some good places to have surveillance cameras include near entrance and exit doors, outside in the parking, in areas where you have a safe or registers, and at areas with valuable items, such as jewelry or watches. If your business has a weapons cabinet, make sure a camera is looking there as well.

Keep Employee's Privacy in Mind

While it is good to have cameras in different areas of the workplace, there are some areas where you are prohibited from placing cameras. For example, you can't place cameras in any of your bathrooms, whether public or private employee bathrooms. You also can't have surveillance cameras in dressing rooms. In addition to where you can and can't place the cameras, make sure you inform the employees of the cameras, as this may be required in your area. Speak to a security professional if you're not entirely sure what the rules are.

Combine Them With a Security System

While a video surveillance system is a great way to secure your business, it may not be enough on its own. A full security system is ideal in order to protect your property and have more information for local police if an intruders into the store or warehouse. For example, you can get a security alarm with motion sensors that beeps and alerts you if someone is near a window or door, or attempting to open the lock on the door without a key. You can also get a more advanced automation system where you are able to view the cameras, control door locks, and turn lights off and on from an app on your mobile device. This allows you more control over the entire retail security system, not just the video cameras.


17 February 2016

Protecting Your Business Establishment

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