Risk Management Considerations For Your Convention Security


Whether you are planning a trade show, a seminar with guest speakers or an event with celebrity appearances, your convention needs to have security that will keep everyone and everything safe. You don't want to make people nervous due to the number of armed guards walking about either. When it comes time to contact the security company, understanding the different risks the event will have helps you choose the security services you need. Here are a few things you need to consider when determining the level of security you should have.

Crowd Control

Every event needs some type of crowd control; however, if you plan to have celebrities, expensive product on display, or special sales going on, you need to have security guards who can maintain some type of barrier between attendees and whatever it is that is drawing attention. For example, if you have a celebrity present, the guards can make sure the crowd does not overwhelm this person either physically or mentally. If you have a big product sale, the guards can limit the number of people to the area to maintain a bit of decorum.

Inventory Protection

No matter what type of inventory you have, having security watching over it ensures you will not have a large amount of loss. This could mean having one area of the venue gated or separated from the area the guests will be and then having that area guarded at all times. In addition, if there will be inventory at booths, providing roaming security guards will make the vendors happy. This can result in more vendors coming to the event and more revenue for you.

Money Exchange Areas

While it would be impossible to have a security guard at every booth that is selling things, you do need to have guards at major money exchange areas. This would include a front gate and any automated teller machines. If there is a central money-holding area, such as a building or cage set up for cash to be dropped off at times, a guard or two is needed there as well.

Everyone attending the event, whether as exhibitors or guests, deserves to feel safe and secure. While you do not want the place to have the feel of a detention center, you do want everyone to be subconsciously aware of the security. This will not only allow people to enjoy themselves without worry, it will also help deter people from starting trouble. Talk with the convention security company about having a mix of uniformed and plainclothes security personnel if necessary. Keep everyone safe without making them worry.


21 September 2015

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